BABY SMOOTH FACE - MezoBotox FACE 60 minutes

Price: €300



BSF(BABY SMOOTH FACE) is a combination of needle mesotherapy with the use of a tissue stimulator and Botox. It is the latest method of rejuvenating the face, neck and neckline.

Effect: \- Revitalized skin \- reduction of wrinkles \- younger-looking skin Indications for the BSF: \- reduction of visible wrinkles \- moisturizing the skin of the face, neckline, neck and hands \- correction of shallow scars \- improvement of skin tone \- fine wrinkles \- tired skin \- lower eyelid of the eyes \- mature skin with fine wrinkles \- flabby skin \- reduced skin elasticity \- shining face skin \- reduction of pores

Contraindications: \- botox intolerance \- allergy to albumin and egg white \- use of antibiotics \- chronic autoimmune diseases \- diseases of the cardiovascular system \- blood coagulation disorders \- taking blood thinners - Aspirin, ibuprofen \- pregnancy and breastfeeding \- skin cancer \- skin infections \- herpes